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The history of Omina Technologies

Omina Technologies began as a small startup in Belgium and was one of the earliest companies in Europe to realise the full potential and power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. For the past year Omina Technologies has grown exponentially and has been working to expand their business to the US as well as expanding their product gamma to service more and more industries.

Omina Technologies created a revolutionary full-stack machine learning platform. Our solution can analyze mass amounts of data, both structured and unstructured and make complex decisions and predictions faster and more reliably than a human. By using our technology, companies can phase out or re-utilize expensive resources in the decision making chain and organically build up a knowledge base around complex processes. Decision making becomes less expensive, more accurate and more transparent for any company that implements our solution.

At Omina Technologies, we focus on ethical artificial intelligence:

  • We believe that artificial intelligence should be available to companies big and small
  • We believe in handling data ethically and with respect for privacy
  • We believe that artificial intelligence should be explainable and transparent
Artificial Intelligence Revenue by Region, World Markets 2015-2024

Although machine learning has been around in academic circles since 1959, 2015 was the first time it made it onto Gartner’s list of emerging technologies. According to Gartner within 5 years machine learning will have made its entry into mainstream business culture. In the 1990’s computers began to become powerful enough to take on the challenges inherent in applying machine learning to industry problems.