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The history of Omina Technologies

Omina Technologies began as a small AI startup in Belgium in 2016. The market was ready to adopt AI but at the same time it became clear that AI can be used in an unethical way. The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal clearly revealed that AI comes with risks. Rachel Alexander founded Omina Technologies because she believes in building Ethical Artificial Intelligence products and helping companies big and small to untap the potentail of AI while mitigating risk with ethical and trustworthy AI.

Omina Technologies is a company specialised in ethical and trustworthy artificial intelligence:

  • Artificial intelligence should be available to companies big and small
  • Data should be handled ethically and with respect for privacy
  • Artificial intelligence should be explainable and transparent

Omina Technologies was one of the earliest companies in Europe to realize the full potential and power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Since 2016 Omina Technologies has grown exponentially and has expanded their product gamma to service more and more industries.

Omina Technologies developed an AI platform, Justifai, that is ethical by design and empowers domain experts to build ethical AI solutions with real business impact while minimizing risk. In 2018, Omina AI Consultancy and Omina Academy were added as services, to empower companies to develop AI solutions internally. That year, Omina Technologies also expanded to the US and opened an office in Miami.

In June 2019, CEO Rachel Alexander won the Belgian AI Personality of the Year Award.

Belgian AI Personality of the Year Award 2019

Omina Technologies expanded their business further in the US in 2020 by opening a second office in McLean, VA. Brian Alexander then joined the company as CEO North America. He is supported by Lynn Westall, responsible for business development and expanding Omina Technologies in the US.