AI Convention Europe 2020

Omina is a Premium Partner at the AI Convention Europe 2020

Omina Technologies is proud to be a premium partner at the AI Convention Europe 2020. This event takes place on October 20th, 21st and 22nd, and includes 5 free webinars.

AI Convention Europe 2020 1

How to increase ROI with AI in manufacturing?

AI Convention Europe 2020 2

Why is it imperative to automate the artificial intelligence pipeline in manufacturing?

Manufacturing companies are trying to maximize margins. They want to go beyond robot process automation and finally see big returns on investment, but in order to do this they must adopt lean AI, let the business drive AI and automate the AI pipeline. Omina Technologies will show you a surefire way to get production-ready algorithms quickly into production that will maximize your margins.

Interested? Join Rachel Alexander during the free webinar on October 22nd, 10.25am here!