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AI Strategy & Governance

The AI Innovation Blueprint is a proven methodology to take your organization to the next level in understanding, embracing and adopting Artificial Intelligence and turning AI into a competitive advantage.

The Blueprint consists of 4 possible stages, but can be customized to your needs: Explore, Inspire, Enable and Plan.

Multidimensional data


Explore and understand your companies’ readiness, priorities, roadblocks and obstacles
to embrace data-driven innovation. Interviews with key stakeholders combined with digital
surveys lead to fundamental insights.

The findings are documented into an executive report,
enriched with competitive intelligence, a SWOT analysis and a concrete and customized
action plan.


Inspire, engage and activate your entire organization to embrace innovation. The findings from the exploration are used to deliver tailor-made and interactive Inspiration and Activation keynotes, presentations or individual sessions for executive, functional or technical audiences.


Upskill your entire staff on AI skills by means of accessible and enriching academy sessions.
The sessions are tailored to different knowledge levels, can be delivered live or online on-demand and/or can be tailored to both executive, functional and technical audiences.


Create an impactful and realistic AI roadmap.

Prioritize use cases based on corporate priorities, feasibility and potential impact.