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DI Summit 2019 & AI Award

  • Posted by: vadim.pavlovich
DI Summit 2019

The Digital Innovation Summit took place on the 26th of June 2019, at the ULB Solbosch in Brussels. As one of the sponsors, Omina Technologies was present with a booth for the whole day. Numerous contacts were obtained during the day, since the interest for artificial intelligence is now well established among Belgian companies. Those are now looking for the best partners to help them catch the AI train in the best possible manner. Students looking for internships and academics were also looking for possible partnerships to enrich the knowledge and spread of AI in Belgium.


DI Summit 2019 & AI Award 1
The team representing Omina Technologies at the DI Summit 2019.


DI Summit 2019 & AI Award 2
Rachel Alexander receiving the AI personality of the year award at the DI Summit 2019.

In addition, our CEO, Rachel Alexander, also continued her work to raise awareness regarding ethical artificial intelligence through a presentation called “Liability and Risk: Why Explanability & Ethical AI Should Matter to Industry”. Finally, her efforts, and the whole Omina team efforts, allowed her to win the AI personality of the year award at this edition of the DI Summit 2019.


Ethical AI has always been and will remain the focus of Omina Technologies. The larger the spread and use of AI in the world, the stronger its impact on every day life, the more important it is to ask the right questions and raise awareness around ethical issues with AI.