Belgian Machine Learning start-up looking at the US.

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Belgian Machine Learning start-up looking at the US.

  • Posted by: vadim.pavlovich
Belgian Machine Learning start-up looking at the US. 1

Omina Technologies, a Belgian Machine Learning start-up, is looking at the United States for further development. Following a year of prospects and growth, and from only four people working for the company last year, the team has doubled and is now looking at the United States Machine Learning market to continue, with a US investor on board.

Belgian Machine Learning start-up looking at the US. 2

“We have been joined by an US investor recently. This will allow us to extend our activities to the US market, with an office in Miami ” tells us Rachel Alexander, CEO. “Her name is Lynn Westall, and the choice of Miami is partly due to her. Europeans tend to go to San Francisco. However, Miami is also a good starting position to conquer the rest of the US, or even go to Latin America where we already have established some contacts.” Omina does not reveal how much the US investor brought to the table, but confirms that the development of the AI technology will remain in Belgium. The US office will concentrate on sales.

Similarly, the number of employees rose from 4 to 9 people. “We plan to end this year with over 20 staff members “, adds Alexander. During last year, Omina co-founder Koen Wijnen left the company.

Omina activities are also covering consulting and formation. “We often hear from other companies that they want to develop internally their machine learning solutions. However, finding the right people can be a challenge. This is why they look for consultants. At Omina Technologies, we have highly qualified people with specific skills. This is why we want to provide such services to other companies.”

Finally, Omina also has an “Omina Academy” part, which provides Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses. “Most companies are only discovering what machine learning is. Omina Academy provides them with the opportunity to send managers or IT technicians to learn how we approach machine learning, and specifically what it can do for them.”

This article is a translation from the dutch/french version of an article from DataNews.