Meet us at CMS Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2022

Meet us at CMS Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2022

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Meet us at CMS Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2022 1

Omina Technologies Appearing at CMS Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2022

Taking place 29 September 2022 in Brussels, Belgium and online.

Uncertain times, an evolving legal framework: managing risks and ensuring social responsibility in the life sciences & healthcare sector.

Trustworthy AI for Better Health

Omina Technologies is a vital partner in developing trustworthy AI technology for the medical community. Justifai, our signature AI platform, enables organizations to create ethical, dynamic AI technologies with gradual personalization. It’s an ultra-secure, scientifically-validated application using Hybrid AI – a more efficient and intelligent way to design scalable AI solutions.

Why do we need ethical AI?

Ethical AI technology enables healthcare to:

  • Minimize risk and comply with codes and regulations
  • Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Avoid discrimination and  bias to ensure equitable outcomes for all
  • Make fair decisions

Join Us at Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2022

As a leader in trustworthy AI development, Omina Technologies will be featured on the last panel of conferance: 

The current risks and challenges in the changing commercial landscape – the following themes will be up for discussion:

Supply chain disruption and contractual hardship /termination: Best practices and considerations in the context of pandemic and war; Shortage of resources and rising inflation: Pricing and competition developments;

Using AI to control the regulatory and compliance risks of AI: Data and AI can make personalized health a reality, but only if this AI-enabled personalization respects data privacy and other regulations. Unlike in retail where personalization can be done from the interactions between customers and products only, personalization of health experiences largely benefits from also learning from the patient’s personal data. Personalizing health experiences while respecting each patient’s different willingness to share personal data is challenging. We use AI to create compliant by design AI solutions proactively implementing privacy risk controls and other regulatory and compliance risk controls.

Use AI to semi-automate corporate compliance management: Use of human-centric AI to semi-automate aspects of corporate compliance such as contract management, compliance management, regulatory change management and kyc risk management processes.

Date: September 29th

Time: 16:30 PM

Speaker: Dr. Anita Prinzie, Justifai Project Manager, Omina Technologies


Meet Anita

Dr. Anita Prinzie is Product Manager at Omina Technologies. She is responsible for the product management of Justifai. Justifai is an AI as a Service platform that empowers business domain experts to co-create scalable, trustworthy, and regulatory-compliant AI innovations and bring them to value faster and more efficiently. 

Anita is passionate about AI, product management, innovation management, and marketing. Before joining Omina Technologies, she worked as a product manager for NGDATA and Showpad. 

She also worked as an innovation manager for Boobook consulting. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management. She had an academic career in the field of AI and marketing at Ghent University, Manchester Business School and Monash University.