Opening of McLean US office

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Opening of McLean US office

  • Posted by: vadim.pavlovich
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New office expansion enables Omina Technologies to accelerate growth in AI software engineering, professional services and training.

Omina Technologies opened a new office in McLean, Virginia, to accommodate rapid growth and leverage the area’s diverse high-technology companies. Omina Technologies’ McLean office will be its US headquarters, adding to current US presence at its Miami office.

Omina Technologies believes there is a big demand for empowering small to medium-sized companies in both the Washington and Miami areas. It aims to assist these companies to successfully develop Ethical Artificial Intelligence solutions, by providing hard-to-find AI profiles (Omina Consultancy), by educating on what AI can mean for their company (Omina Academy) and by providing an AI self-service platform for domain experts (Omina Platform).

“The decision to expand our presence into Washington’s high-tech corridor was a logical step in our business growth strategy,” said Brian Alexander, who recently joined Omina Technologies as CEO North-America.

Opening of McLean US office 2
Brian Alexander, CEO North-America

“The area is rich with diverse high-tech companies and several companies in our core industries including banking, insurance, and telecommunication. 80% of internal AI projects are failing due to lack of AI knowledge on which business problems can best be solved with AI and due to the difficulty in recruiting AI experts who are in high demand. Hence, there is a big need for helping companies to understand how they can reap the fruits of internal AI projects. That’s where we come in. We have the opportunity to further expand a company’s AI capabilities by using Omina Platform, Omina Consultancy and Omina Academy.”

MCLean Office

1750 Tysons Blvd.
Suite 1500
McLean, VA 22102, USA

Phone: 703-665-6623