AI4YourBusiness Conference 2022

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AI4YourBusiness Conference 2022

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AI4 Your Business Conference 2022

Join us at AI4YourBusiness Conference

Omina Technologies will present at the AI4YourBusiness conference organized by AI4Growth.

Anita Prinzie participates in the session on Ethics and AI: How could you impact society? (12pm)

We organize the session on Trustworthy AI for Healthcare (2.45 pm). Bas Jansen will give a presentation on the need for understandable AI healthcare decisions.

When: March 15th 2022

Where: Sint Pietersabdij, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Fee: Morning: free, Full day: 190 Euro excl. VAT

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AI4YourBusiness Conference Details

Ethics and AI: How could you impact society?

“How could you impact society?” is a curious panel title because it can be read as an open question: “how could you impact society by applying ethics in your AI project?” Or in the more negative, disgruntled way after someone sees that you did not consider a negative impact: “how could you impact society?!” This session is about avoiding ethical outcries by considering what you can do today. What we can do can refer to ethical exercises, trustworthy AI assessments or anticipating existing and forthcoming regulations.

dr. Anita Prinzie (product manager Justifai) will give a presentation on Pro-active AI risk management to make AI  certification easy.

Trustworthy AI for Healthcare

In this session we will highlight the importance of adopting trustworthy AI in healthcare. Increasing trust can be established by facing ethical challenges heads on, embedding domain knowledge and making sure that AI-supported decisions are explainable and understandable.

dr. Bas Jansen (Head of AI in Healthcare & Life Sciences) will give a presentation on the importance of understandable AI-supported healthcare decisions.

Prof. dr. Sofie Van Hoecke (imec) will talk about how combining data and domain knowledge is essential for AI in healthcare.