Omina at Brussels StartAI Week: CANCELLED due to COVID-19

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Omina at Brussels StartAI Week: CANCELLED due to COVID-19 1

Omina Technologies will provide two free sessions on Explainable AI and AI2ROI during the Brussels Start AI Week.

March 17th: Explainable and actionable insights into drivers of brand switching and brand sales

Omina at Brussels StartAI Week: CANCELLED due to COVID-19 2
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Business Objectives: Increase sales of products of particular brands. Understand what drives people to switch from product A to product B.

Definition of Acceptable Solution: Accurate brand switching predictions that can be interpreted by humans and are explainable.

Success Criteria: Management finds the insights provided valuable and actionable.

How: Interpretable methods such as GA2M combined with Shapley explanations provide accurate and explainable brand switching predictions.

Brand switching insights.
Prediction of who is likely to switch brand.
Sales recommendations: redistribute calls according to segments to increase sales with X.
Marketing recommendation: change copy of marketing for certain segments.

Practical Information:
Wednesday March 17th, 12am-1pm
Digityser, Atrium:

March 18th: Winning with AI

Omina at Brussels StartAI Week: CANCELLED due to COVID-19 3

During this session, you will learn about how to Win with AI.

Winning with AI is far from evident. A 2019 report based on a survey of some 2,500 respondents jointly conducted by the MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group, reveals that seven out of 10 companies surveyed report minimal or no impact from AI so far. However, AI winners capture value from their AI activities by:

  • integrating their AI strategies with their overall business strategy
  • taking on large, often risky, AI efforts that prioritize revenue growth over cost reduction 
  • aligning the production of AI with the consumption of AI through thoughtful alignment of business owners, process owners, and AI owners.
  • investing in AI talent, including re-skilling internal employees. They build internal teams and rely less on outside vendors. They invest in data and process change in addition to AI technology.

During this session, we will dive deeper into the first two key activities needed to win with AI.

Practical Information:

Thursday March 18th, 3pm