Summary of State of AI Ethics MAIEI 2020

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Summary of State of AI Ethics MAIEI 2020

  • Posted by: MartinCanter
Montreal AI Ethics Institute

AI Ethics Panel Discussion by the Montreal AI Ethics Institute

On December 2nd the Montreal AI Ethics Institute organized a panel discussion on the State of AI Ethics. The Montreal AI Ethics Institute‘s mission is to help define humanity’s place in a world increasingly characterized and driven by algorithms.

The world-class AI Ethics panel included:

  • Rumman Chowdhury – Global Lead for Responsible AI, Accenture (@ruchowdh)
  • Danit Gal – Tech Advisor, United Nations (@danitgal)
  • Katya Klinova – AI & Economy Program Lead, Partnership on AI (@klinovakatya)
  • Amba Kak – Director of Global Policy & Programs, NYU’s AI Now Institute (@ambaonadventure)
  • Abhishek Gupta – Founder, Montreal AI Ethics Institute (@atg_abhishek)
  • Victoria Heath (Moderator) – Researcher, Montreal AI Ethics Institute (@victoria_heath7)


Key Take-Aways

  1. The discussion on AI ethics started with Terminator fear and is still a very Western-centric discussion.
    There is a need for more #diversity in the AI ethics debate.
    A limited number of groups and think tanks are involved in the ethical AI discussion. There is a lack of representation of the hidden workforce in AI (e.g. people labeling data), and Eastern players (like #China).
  2. There is a lot of effort to do the same: Everyone wants to be a global leader in AI ethics or ethical AI. Still, they reinvent the same thing over and over again.
  3. There is also a lack of support to implement #guidelines or to translate them to local needs. For example, Anglo-Saxons ethical guidelines are pushed into African countries, but these are not applicable or translated.
AI Ethics Thought Leaders

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