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Webinar Explainable and Actionable AI Insights

  • Posted by: vadim.pavlovich
Webinar Explainable and Actionable AI Insights 1

Due to COVID-2019 the session ”Explainable and Actionable Insights into the drivers of brand switching and brand sales” on startAI has been cancelled. However, if you are still interested, please subscribe to the following webinar list and we will organize a session later using web conferencing.

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Explainable and Actionable AI-Insights into Brand Switching and Brand Sales

Business Objectives: Increase sales of products of particular brands. Understand what drives people to switch from product A to product B.

Definition of Acceptable Solution: Accurate brand switching predictions that can be interpreted by humans and are explainable.

Success Criteria: Management finds the insights provided valuable and actionable.

How: Interpretable methods such as GA2M combined with Shapley explanations provide accurate and explainable brand switching predictions.

Brand switching insights.
Prediction of who is likely to switch brand.
Sales recommendations: redistribute calls according to segments to increase sales with X.
Marketing recommendation: change copy of marketing for certain segments.