Grow into AI Health Edition 2021

Omina Technologies participates in Grow into AI Health Edition 2021

Grow into AI Health

Omina Technologies is proud to be one of the experts in the Grow into AI Health Edition program organised by DSP Valley.

This 4-part program is for business owners who want to get started with AI in health.

The program consists of:

  • May 18th 2021: 1 Inspiration Event
  • May 27th 2021, 15:00 CEST: Masterclass Part 1: “From Data to Intelligence”
  • June 3rd 2021, 15:00 CEST: Masterclass Part 2: Omina Technologies is one of the experts presenting on ethics in AI for health.
  • June 17th 2021: Matchmaking Finale: Speed date with Omina Technologies and find out how we can help you.

Practical Info

Who: Business owners of companies in digital health, medical devices, etc. who want to start using AI to capture the value of the data they generate.

How: Online webinars

When: The videos of the inspiration session and the two masterclasses can be watched on demand. The matchmaking finale is on June 17th.

Price: Register now for the full program for 300 Euro excl. VAT.

Overcome the ethical challenges of AI in health with trustworthy AI

Bas Jansen

Join Bas Jansen, Head of AI in Life Sciences, for his talk at the second master class on June 3rd.

“Overcome the ethical challenges of AI in health by trustworthy AI”

The potential for AI in health is profound. From clinical uses in diagnostics and treatment, to biomedical research and drug discovery, to “back-office” and administration. At the same time there are multiple ethical challenges of AI in healthcare. In order for health and care systems to capitalise on the advantage of  AI; the ethical challenges posed by implementing AI in health have to be addressed. Such ethical challenges are related to informed consent, safety and transparency, fairness and biases and data privacy. Implementing trustworthy AI in health will allow health companies to take advantage of AI while controlling for the potential risks.