New offices in Brussels

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New offices in Brussels

  • Posted by: vadim.pavlovich
New offices in Brussels 1

As Omina Technologies is growing fast, our offices in Antwerp are not large enough anymore. Tuesday the 6th of August was our first day as a company with the team in Brussels, at DigitYser. This location close to the North train station is easily accessible as our team comes from every corner of Belgium and the world. As a hub for technology development in Brussels, this also represent a wonderful opportunity for Omina Technologies to broaden our horizon of partners and contacts in the IT community.

New offices in Brussels 2
The workspace at DigitYser


This day started with some brainstorming exercise around the next steps of the development of Omina Core. A shared vision and a common goal on which the team can collaborate and focus efforts. In particular, the question of ethics was at the center of our discussions, both concerning the development of Omina Technologies in the future as well as how to include this crucial topic in the development of our Omina Core product.

New offices in Brussels 3
Omina Technologies team at DigitYser.