Our mission

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Enabling companies big and small to successfully implement AI projects in an ethical and trustworthy way

Omina Technologies is an Ethical and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence company active in Europe and US.

We believe in leveraging artificial intelligence in an ethical and trustworthy way. We believe that:

  • Artificial intelligence should be available to companies big and small.
  • Data should be handled ethically and with respect for privacy.
  • Artificial intelligence should be explainable and transparent.

At Omina Technologies we offer services to enable your company to successfully develop scalable and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence solutions with real business impact, by creating AI solutions and providing hard-to-find AI profiles (Omina Consultancy), by providing an AI self-service platform for domain experts (Justifai) and by educating on what AI can mean for your company (Omina Academy).

Omina Technologies is at the forefront of Ethical AI and Trustworthy AI

Why did Rachel Alexander found Omina Technologies?