We have experience with developing scalable AI solutions with real impact for various use cases since 2016.

pharmaceutical industry

Cases 1

Increase sales of a branded drug by preventing brand switching to generic drugs

The increase in competition due to the rise of generic drugs forces pharmaceutical companies of branded drugs to optimize their sales resources.

Explainable AI has been used to ensure explainable yet accurate brand switching predictions. 

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Consumer Telecom Industry

Cases 2

Identifying key signals in the customer journey driving negative customer experience

Detecting negative customer experiences in an early stage to take proactive actions is better than spending money to react to customer complaints.

Customer experience has been quantified and monitored over time. Enable the detection of relevant indicators of customer experience by visualizing the relationship between customer journey data and customer experience data in a BI tool.

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Human Resources Management

Cases 3

Stimulate continuous learning by recommending the right e-learning content

Employers want their employees to be knowledgeable and skilled and keep up to date through continuous learning. To engage employees to continuously expand and refresh their knowledge and skills, the right e-learning content has to be recommended on the client’s mobile training platform.

To make the learning experience more engaging, Omina was contacted to build a recommendation system within the client’s platform using AI technology.

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Real Estate

Cases 4

Reducing maintenance cost for SMEs using predictive maintenance

On average, maintenance costs make up around 10% of the expenses of companies. After a full audit, an in-house software product can be used to calculate future maintenance costs for companies. However, a full audit is very costly, especially for smaller companies.

We used AI to avoid the cost of a full audit by identifying critical features of buildings. We used a predictive model trained on maintenance cost data of bigger companies.

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Cases 5

Make automation setup for the property owner as easy as 123

Given the energy consumption of a house, detect anomalies, e.g., significant deviations from typical behavior, and create an alerting system based on AI.

Association rule learning discovers rules from data without specifying the input/target of the rule.

For example, the algorithm discovers that light_living_room=on => TV=on and associate to each rule a confidence (probability of target given the conditions) and support (the probability of both conditions and output). The minimum support and confidence can be set according to the requirements of the user.


Cases 6

Reannotate genomes

Developed bioinformatics algorithms to interrogate large scale next generation sequencing data from a recently developed biological technique called ribosome profiling to study the translation initiation landscape in eukaryotes and prokaryotes as an aid in genome re-annotation.