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Cases 1

Applying AI to bioinformatics

Developed bioinformatics algorithms to interrogate large scale next generation sequencing data from a recently developed biological technique called ribosome profiling to study the translation initiation landscape in eukaryotes and prokaryotes as an aid in genome re-annotation.

Use AI to make automation setup for the property owner as easy as 123

Given the energy consumption of a house, detect anomalies, e.g., significant deviations from typical behavior and create an alerting system based on AI

Association rule learning discovers rules from data without specifying the input/target of the rule.

For example, the algorithm discovers that light_living_room=on => TV=on and associate to each rule a confidence (probability of target given the conditions) and support (the probability of both conditions and output). The minimum support and confidence can be set according to the requirements of the user.

Cases 2