Past Events

Omina Technologies has been a sponsor and/or has contributed to interesting talks at the following past events.

VDISummit AI and Ethics 2021

Omina Technologies was proud to be a gold sponsor of the free Virtual DI Summit conference on AI and Ethics on December 7th, 9.30am till 11am (CEST).

Are you able to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in an Ethical and Trustworthy Way?

  • How to  translate AI ethics and law into trustworthy AI solutions via ethical checklists, ethical committee, and trustworthy AI by design: dr. André Meyer-Vitali (TNO) and dr. Martin Canter (Omina Technologies)
  • Validate whether the AI ethics and law translation really produce trustworthy AI solutions, e.g., impact assessments, certifications, auditing: Emmanuelle Shaaravi (FairSwap)

Moderator: dr. Anita Prinzie (Omina Technologies)

Intelligent Health 2021

Omina Technologies was proud to be a sponsor of the Intelligent Health hybrid conference in Amsterdam on October 12th.

Bas Jansen presented in TRACK 2: INNOVATION STAGE: AI HEALTH TRANSFORMERS – Hear from the leaders of the most disruptive AI health tech companies of tomorrow on:

Understandable AI to improve patient prognosis/diagnosis

Automa Healthcare Edition 2021

Omina Technologies was proud to be a gold sponsor of Automa Health Edition 2021.

dr. Bas Jansen, head of Life Sciences at Omina Technologies, gave a great talk on:

‘Explainable AI and the holistic approach to patient prognosis/diagnosis’

Thanks for attending his talk and for the fruitful meetings!

AI4Growth AI4 Healthcare and Medical May 20th 2021

Omina Technologies has presented at AI4Growth AI4 Healthcare and Medical.

Bas Janssen gave a talk on how interpretability is needed in addition to explainability and understandability to share AI results with non-experts.

Extending Interpretability and Explainability to Understandability: An IBD Escalation Biomarker Study

Thanks to the organizers and all attendees!