Past Events

Omina Technologies has been a sponsor and/or has contributed to interesting talks at the following past events.

Inauguration of KULeuven Chair in Ethics and AI

Rachel Alexander, Martin Canter and Anita Prinzie really enjoyed the inaugural event Chair in #Ethics and #AI at KULeuven. Omina Technologies is one of the sponsors of this chair. It was great to already experience the value of our sponsorship. Learn our key lessons on the 5 ways to ensure your company’s #AI is #ethical 

CMS Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2022

Anita Prinzie, product manager, Omina Technologies, enjoyed contributing to the pannel session ‘A changing commercial landscape’ on September 29th at 4.30pm at CMS global forum #GLSHF2022 in Brussels. We discussed how to meet the need for more personalized experiences while still being compliant and respect each individual’s perceived privacy.

Join Omina Technologies at Intelligent Health 2022

Omina Technologies is proud to partner with Intelligent Health 2022: The world’s leading AI in medicine summit series

07-08 September 2022 | The Congress Center Basel, Switzerland & Online

Dr. Anita Prinzie will be speaking on September 8th: day 2, track 2, tech talk 6 on the Personalization of health experiences with privacy-preserving AI.

Anita is Product Manager at Omina Technologies. She is responsible for the product management of Justifai.  Justifai is an AI as a Service platform that empowers business domain experts to co-create scalable, trustworthy and regulatory-compliant AI innovations and bring them to value faster and more efficiently. 

FARI Brussels Conference 2022

Omina Technologies is a gold sponsor of the FARI Brussels Conference on July 5th-6th 2022 at Bozar.

Come and meet us at our booth! 

Omina Technologies has a good relationship with FARI as we share a common interest in Explainable and Trustworthy AI. FARI is an independent, not-for-profit Artificial Intelligence initiative with special interest in the field of AI (Explainable and Trustworthy), Data (Open) and Robotics (human-centric).

Belgian Economic Mission to U.S. 2022

Omina Technologies brought Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence to the U.S. through the Belgium Economic Mission 2022

Omina Technologies was proud to participate in the Belgium Economic Mission to the U.S., from June 4-12 in New York, Boston, and Atlanta. The mission, led by HRH Princess Astrid (representative of the King) and HE Sophie Wilmès, will strengthen business partnerships between Omina Technologies and the U.S. market. Omina Technologies’ participation aimed to bring trustworthy and ethical artificial intelligence solutions through our AI Consultancy and Justifai Platform to the U.S.

It was a pleasure meeting you at the Belgium Economic Mission to the U.S. Read our 3 key take-aways here.

European AI Week 2022: Le Wagon Brussels

European AI Week 2022: Can you trust AI?

Can you trust AI? A story of biases in AI

On March 15th, Omina Technologies contributed to an event organized by Le Wagon Brussels

AI seems to be enabling so many things, with new use cases being published every day. It helps automatize business processes, improve healthcare, be the right solution to help us get ready for the future. But while we could focus on the improvements it brings, we are too often recalled of one of its downsides: biases.

dr. Martin Canter (Head of Ethical AI, Omina Technologies) will contribute to this panel.

AI4 Your Business 2022

Omina Technologies, partner of AI4Growth, has actively contributed to AI4 Your Business Conference on March 15th 2022, Gent.