Past Events

Omina Technologies has been a sponsor and/or has contributed to interesting talks at the following past events.

AI4Growth AI4 Healthcare and Medical May 20th 2021

Omina Technologies has presented at AI4Growth AI4 Healthcare and Medical.

Bas Janssen gave a talk on how interpretability is needed in addition to explainability and understandability to share AI results with non-experts.

Extending Interpretability and Explainability to Understandability: An IBD Escalation Biomarker Study

Thanks to the organizers and all attendees!

ReWork AI in Finance and RegTech Virtual Summit April 2021

Omina Technologies has sponsored the ReWork AI in Finance and RegTech, April 14th-15th, 2021.

Brian gave a talk on how trustworthy AI can reduce compliance risks.

Thanks to the organizers and all attendees!

ReWork AI in Healthcare and Pharma Virtual Summit 2021

dr. Bas Jansen, head of Life Sciences at Omina Technologies, gave a great talk on:

Why Interpretable and Explainable Do Not Equal Understandable: Discovery of an IBD Escalation Biomarker Using an Interpretable AI model

ReWork Explainable AI Mini-Summit

Omina Technologies was proud to be a sponsor of the online ReWork Explainable AI Mini-Summit, February 17th.

Rachel did a great talk on Interpretable and Explainable AI in Life Sciences.

We had a round table on “When to use Interpretable AI and when to use Explainable AI”