Justifai hyperpersonalizes BloomUp's mental health platform

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Justifai hyperpersonalizes BloomUp’s mental health platform

  • Posted by: MartinCanter
Justifai hyperpersonalizes BloomUp's mental health platform 1

Justifai enables BloomUp to offer personalized treatment to reduce employee absenteism and presenteism and improve mental well-being

Justifai’s privacy-preserving AI Suite will hyperpersonalize BloomUp‘s mental well-being platform.

BloomUp supports HR managers in addressing their biggest challenge in 2023: employee well-being. Since 2019, stress levels have already been steadily rising due to increasing workloads, and COVID-19 has only reinforced this trend. Today, more than 3.8% of Belgian workers are on long-term sick leave due to burnout or stress-related factors. These factors are also responsible for more than a third of absenteeism in the workplace. This absenteeism is estimated to cost our society some 155 million euros a year.

BloomUp developed a mental well-being app to give employers the right tools to take preventive action on their employees’ mental well-being with online video consultations and guided growth programs. The consultations allow employees to quickly and easily find their way to a psychologist or psychotherapist within the comfort of their own home. With the growth pathways, employees can follow a pathway around common themes via an app to work on themselves in a preventive way.

Currently, employees can only choose from a limited number of growth pathways to prevent burnout and other stress-related factors. BloomUp now wants to offer personalized treatment while respecting each employee’s privacy preferences and ensuring compliance with privacy legislation.

With the support of a Flemish VLAIO grant of 450,000 euros, BloomUp and Omina Technologies will develop personalized employee growth pathways to prevent long-term absenteism and reduce presenteism. Besides personalizing the mental well-being treatment paths, Justifai’s privacy preserving AI suite will also enable to start the mental well-being treatment at the right, and earliest, time for each employee by early detection of mental distress. This early detection and personalized start of treatment does not only reduce the total cost of treatment but also improves the employee’s overall mental well-being as it prevents the employee to progress from minor to major mental well-being issues.

Personalized treatments to improve and sustain each employee's mental wellbeing

BloomUp aims to address the increase in employee absenteism and presenteism, with a thorough expansion of its mental wellness platform based on privacy-preserving personalized treatment initiation and personalized treatment paths.

In a first step, Justifai’s privacy-preserving AI suite will hyper-personalize the existing growth trajectories. Each employee will receive a fully customized pathway based on his or her specific needs.

In a second step, Justifai’s privacy-preserving AI suite will personalize even more by recommending the next best module within a growth track.  The topics and steps will also adapt dynamically as the track progresses, growing with the users. To this end Justifai implements privacy-by-design by leveraging privacy-preserving machine learning.

With BloomUp, we want to become the most data-driven mental wellness platform that fits the specific needs of each employee and evolves with them as they progress through the pathway.- Clovis Six, co-founder BloomUp

Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning to Personalize Treatments while respecting privacy preferences and reducing compliance risks

Both the growth track and next-best-module personalization are done in a privacy-preserving way.

Employees retain full control at all times – including over their privacy, because at each step they can choose which data can be shared with whom. Besides taking into account each employee’s personal data consents and privacy preferences, Justifai’s privacy-preserving recommender system uses the least and least sensitive personal data to make the best possible treatment or next-best-module recommendations.

“Artificial intelligence can greatly improve mental well-being and health in our society. This on the condition that any privacy and compliance risks are proactively managed. Hyper-personalized growth trajectories will therefore be generated by Justifai’s privacy-by-design recommender system. This proactively complies with privacy legislation and gives each user control over which and how much personal data may be used” – Mattias De Groe, Global Chief Commercial Officer at Omina Technologies.