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ReWork Explainable AI Mini-Summit, Online, Wednesday February 17th 11am till 2.30pm EST, ticket 40$ until Feb 12th, 56$ after with discount code TIPALO

Omina Technologies sponsors the ReWork Explainable AI Mini-Summit 2021

Omina Technologies is proud to be a sponsor of the online ReWork Explainable AI Mini-Summit 2021.

Join Rachel's Talk on Interpretable and Explainable AI in Life Sciences

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CEO Rachel Alexander is proud to be one of the speakers amongst thought leaders such as Merve Hickok from AIEthicist and Maithra Raghu (Senior Research Scientist Google Brain, Forbes 30 under 30).

Join Rachel and register for the ReWork Explainable AI mini-summit. Ticket costs only 40$ before February 12th, after 56$ with discount code TIPALO.

Interpretable and Explainable AI in Life Sciences

12.50 EST

In the highly-regulated life sciences industry, using interpretable methods and XAI not only facilitates assessing compliance but also facilitates devising the best possible action from the model’s prediction. Omina Technologies combined an interpretable method with XAI to:

-identify which health care practitioners are most likely to switch and why? We combine an interpretable method GA2M with SHapley Additive exPlanations.

-optimize sales and marketing to prevent brand switching and increase the sales of the branded drug. Partial dependence plots provide insight into the marginal effect of adding an extra sales call on sales.

3 key takeaways of this session

  • Interpretability and XAI to enable taking the right actions based on the model predictions
  • Tutorial on how to combine an interpretable method with XAI to facilitate business validation of AI solution and identify the best brand-switching prevention strategy for an international pharmaceutical company
  • Best practices on using interpretable methods and XAI in life sciences