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Identify a competitive strategic AI roadmap with an Omina AI Readiness Assessment. Your current AI maturity is compared to your competitors; this is followed by a SWOT analysis, and the development of a roadmap on how you can strategically exploit AI.

Our Understanding

An AI Readiness Assessment is for companies wishing to expand their offering to encompass and utilize new advancements in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning within their portfolio.

Omina Technologies proposes to carry out an assessment together with members of core teams within your company to identify key strategic areas where companies could best utilize these new machine learning and AI technologies to become a global leader.

After the preliminary meeting with the company, Omina technologies determined that more information is necessary to determine the specific needs and opportunities within your portfolio.

Omina will perform a formal assessment of existing capabilities within the company to be able to formulate advice to help guide their medium and long-term strategic direction with respect to the incorporation of AI and ML technologies within their offerings.

Objectives and Deliverables

Omina Technologies will perform an assessment to evaluate:

  • Where your competitors are currently, and where the market is expected to evolve to.
  • Your companies’ current position regarding current AI technologies and technical capabilities.
  • New ideas and insights about the possibilities of Machine Learning in your business area.

Omina Technologies will produce the following deliverables:

  • Reports containing benchmarks of the sector.
  • Your companies’ capabilities and roadmap of how to achieve your ambition regarding AI technologies.


At the end of the assignment, Omina’s findings will be bundled in a management report and be presented to your company.

Our Approach

Omina Technologies will need access to a number of your technical staff, business staff, and management within your core strategic areas. Semi-structured interviews will be carried out in order to understand the current capabilities and core competencies.

A kick-off workshop where Omina staff will introduce some pre-identified technologies which could immediately be applied to expand your current offering.

Data, models, and tools produced and used in typical projects of your company will be surveyed and analyzed. This will provide potential new insights and further inform the strategic direction of your company.

Through a tailored workshop, your staff will develop and expand their knowledge and skills in AI technologies. A timeline of the assessment approach is available on the next slide.