Justifai is the only AI software that enables business users, to deliver measurable outcomes with AI in an ethical and explainable way, minimizing compliance, regulatory and reputational risk. 

Justifai generates trustworthy AI solutions.

Justifai is developed in collaboration with select partners such as the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) AI Laboratory.

A business user can build ethical and trustworthy AI solutions with real business impact while mitigating risk

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With Justifai, a business user can create scalable AI solutions with real business impact:

  • Incorporate the business context: specify domain knowledge, objectives and operational constraints in business language.
  • Validate solutions based on business impact, such as financial impact.
  • Prototype AI solutions quickly with Omina’s instantly created production recipes and get early feedback on the business value from business users.
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Justifai creates instantly productized AI solutions you can trust:

  • Avoid fines due to illegal discrimination or reputation loss due to unfair decision making by preferring fair and ethical decisions over maximum accuracy (ethical AI).
  • Fully understand the model’s logic, key drivers and predictions and be able to explain it to stakeholders (explainable AI).
  • Reproduce and audit any AI solution.
  • Keep your data secure, as the best AI solution is identified without uploading the data and it is deployed remotely.

The Omina Justifai product is:

  • Ethical  by design and reducing legal liabilities
  • Explainable and Accountable: no black-box, extensive logging of all choices made and logging of all AI solution designs generated and deployed
  • Ultimately Secure:  the actual data remains at customer-controlled environment and the most stringent data policies are supported by design

Justifai’s engine is called Omina Core.

Omina Core uses Hybrid AI, combining symbolic and sub-symbolic AI, to define/refine appropriate AI solution designs (a.k.a. solution recipes) given the metadata describing the actual data and the AI use case requirements.  Rather than trying all possible AI solution designs (e.g. all possible classification methods for a classification problem), it intelligently and efficiently focuses on the relevant AI Solution Designs.

ODeployer deploys the identified trustworthy AI solution recipes in the customers’ infrastructure (in-cloud or on-premise).

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