Hurry! Only 6 days left to take advantage of your WinWinner investment opportunity!

  • Posted by: MartinCanter

Omina Technologies WinWinner Campaign

Omina Technologies started a WinWinner campaign on February 25th. On April 19th with only 6 days to go, 66 investors have invested 149.000 Euro to support the go-to-marketing campaign of Justifai, our ethical and trustworthy AI software for business users. Thanks a lot to those 66 investors and WinWinner!

Only 6 days to take advantage of your investment opportunity!


Hurry up! You only have 6 days left to take advantage of your investment opportunity! Make extra money from your savings and contribute to a future where you can trust AI-enabled decisions! Help Omina Technologies enable companies big and small to reap the benefits of AI without the fear of compliance risks and big fines. A sub-ordinated crowdloan is already possible for as little as 500 Euro.

Register now for the next Ambassador Event on April 20th, 5pm to 6pm (CEST)! CEO Rachel Alexander will pitch Justifai and will answer any questions you may have!


Lending money to a business is risky.

As an investor, you run the risk that all or part of the money borrowed is not repaid.