Meet us at Fari Brussels Conference 2022

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Meet us at Fari Brussels Conference 2022

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Omina Technologies at FARI Brussels Conference 2022

Omina Technologies is a gold sponsor of the Fari Brussels Conference on July 5th-6th 2022 at Bozar. Come and meet us at our booth!

About Fari

Omina Technologies has a good relationship with Fari as we share a common interest in Explainable and Trustworthy AI.

FARI is an independent, not-for-profit Artificial Intelligence initiative led by two universities in Brussels: the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). This initiative will aim at helping citizens, politicians and companies as well as not-for-profit organizations to address local, every day or long-term challenges in the Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium and Europe.

It brings world-leading and future researchers to the service of the city. It reinforces a virtuous circle: the city encounters problems that FARI can help address with projects that in their turn could lead to major scientific advances, especially in the field of AI (Explainable and Trustworthy), Data (Open) and Robotics (human-centric).

About Fari Brussels Conference

How do we make sure the future of AI, data, and robotics will serve the Common Good? How should these technologies be implemented to address pressing challenges (like the climate crisis, humanitarian conflicts, and health crisis) while respecting fundamental rights and ethical safeguards?

This two-day international conference is Brussels’ first public gathering in an attempt to co-shape its AI strategy that is sustainable, inclusive, and comprehensive.

Practical Information

Who should attend?

For students, researchers, professors, policy-makers, civil servants, designers, developers, engineers, advocates interested in making AI, data, and robotics “good” for all.


Tuesday July 5th, 1pm till 6pm: Launch and Keynotes:

The challenges of defining AI, Data and Robotics for the Common Good

AI & International and local initiatives in AI, Data and Robotics for the Common Good

6pm till 9pm Reception

Wednesday July 6th, 9am till 5.30pm: Thematic sessions:

Session 1: The EU is getting its AI Act together: How to develop AI systems under the Rule of Law?
Session 2: Are robots sustainable?
Session 3: How to involve and mobilise citizens more around AI, Data and Robotics?
Session 4: How are AI and Data used by and for cities?


Free but mandatory registration.