WinWinnner Crowdlending Ambassador Nights 2021

WinWinner Ambassador Nights

Practical Details

Tuesday March 16th, 12pm (CET)

Thursday April 1st, 12pm, Tuesday April 13th, 5pm or Tuesday April 20th, 5pm (CET)

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What is an Ambassador Night?

WinWinner Omina Technolgoies

It’s a Win-Win! You make more money from your savings and Omina Technologies grows in the market of Ethical and Trustworthy AI!

Learn how you can make more money from your savings and help Omina Technologies realize its mission. Enable companies big and small to solve business problems with ethical and trustworthy AI.

In order to continue Omina Technologies’ rapid expansion in the market of ethical and trustworthy AI, we need you! We offer you the opportunity to support the go-to-market of Omina’s cutting-edge AI software Justifai.

Learn about the attractive ways to invest in this promising scaleup with a WinWinner loan or crowdlending. Make more money from your savings!


  • Who is Omina Technologies and what is Justifai?
  • Why does Omina Technologies need your support?
  • How can you make more money from your savings and support Omina Technologies so it’s a win-win!

Details of Investment Opportunity

WinWinner loan: 3.725% total annual net interest, minimal investment 5000€, duration 5 years, 40% guarantee.

Crowdloan: 3.5% total annual net interest, minimal investment 500€, duration 3 years.


Lending money to a business is risky. As an investor, you run the risk that all or part of the amount cannot be repaid.


Rachel Alexander Belgian IT Personaity of the Year 2019
Stig Van Peer